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Spotlighting brilliant minds: Celebrate National Engineer’s Day with BYJUites

Team StoryWeavers|September 14, 2023, 13:42 IST|
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Every year, on National Engineer’s Day, we pay tribute to the architects of our modern world—the engineers whose vision, dedication, and innovations have transformed societies and propelled us into the future. Among the luminaries in the pantheon of engineering excellence stands Sir M. Visvesvaraya, a name synonymous with innovation, nation-building, and unwavering commitment to engineering’s profound impact on the world.

As we celebrate Engineer’s Day, it’s only fitting that we delve into the life and contributions of engineers. National Engineer’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the contributions of engineers to society. At BYJU’S, we take this opportunity to shed light on the inspiring journeys of our engineers. 

On this Engineer’s Day, BYJUites Vikas Ranjan, Engineering Manager, and Soumya BK, Senior QA Engineer, share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs as engineers. Join us as we delve into the captivating stories of those who make a difference through innovation and dedication at BYJU’S. 

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What led to your choice of pursuing a career in Engineering?

Vikas Ranjan: Two key factors that led me to choose Engineering. My aptitude for Science and Mathematics, and family influence. From my school days, it was clear that I had a natural interest in Science and Mathematics. I would consistently achieve top scores, often perfect 100/100 marks. This early success piqued my interest further. I also had a penchant for creating things from a young age, which additionally nurtured my scientific curiosity. Plus, my father and elder brother’s influence played a pivotal role in my career choice. With my brother already in the same field, there was a strong family push to aim for a quality engineering education at a reputable university.

Soumya BK: Passion for Technology – Engineering is a field that values creativity and innovation offering the opportunity to apply scientific principles to real-world challenges. We are encouraged to think outside the box and develop novel ideas and designs. I was drawn to the field because of my curiosity in tackling complex problems and finding practical solutions. I am deeply interested in technology and enjoy constant learning and working with cutting-edge tools and systems.

How does the engineering curriculum compare to its practical applications in the industry? 

Vikas: The need for curriculum updates is evident. Despite graduating from a top engineering college, it’s disheartening to see that the curriculum has remained largely unchanged for decades. This stagnation stands in stark contrast to the rapid evolution of technology and industry practices. In particular, fields like Computer Science should shed outdated programming languages and embrace contemporary essentials like Blockchain, AI, and Data Science. These subjects must become mandatory and emphasise practical application over theory.

Soumya: The engineering curriculum provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and hands-on experience. However, the transition to the industry involves learning to apply this knowledge to complex, real-world problems, often in collaboration with diverse teams and within practical constraints. It’s essential for engineers to be adaptable and willing to bridge the gap between their academic training and the practical challenges they encounter in their careers.

Could you share a memorable project you’ve been a part of at BYJU’S that combined both fun and valuable engineering challenges?

Vikas: Certainly, there have been numerous projects, but one particularly notable one was the launch of BYJU’S Learning TV (BLTV). In this initiative, we partnered with schools across India to install Android TVs in their classrooms, pre-loaded with premium BYJU’S content, including videos, interactive games, and animated quizzes. These resources empower teachers to enhance their lessons with interactive content.

The project presented significant challenges, requiring seamless collaboration across multiple teams and the development of various technologies, such as Android, iOS, Web Frontend, and Backend. However, our team rose to the occasion admirably. We not only addressed existing pain points but also created a scalable product poised for use in thousands of schools, both in India and abroad

Soumya: The Blog K3 NA, created for North American users, stands out as one of my most remarkable projects during my time at BYJU’S. Notably, this was BYJU’S first-ever transition from PHP to NextJS, providing a fresh experience for our users. This project presented unique challenges, including a stringent 15-day deadline for completion. Remarkably, we managed to meet this deadline without encountering any issues upon release.

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As we celebrate National Engineer’s Day, it’s evident that engineering is not just a profession but a passion, a pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to making the world a better place. Through the stories of two engineers at BYJU’S, Vikas and Soumya, we hope to inspire the next generation of engineers and showcase the incredible work being done in the field. 

Happy National Engineer’s Day 2023!

Want to share your engineering journey with us? Tell us your story in the comments below! 

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