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Culture for BYJUites in the Month of March | Learnings, Masti, Magic and More!

Team StoryWeavers|April 12, 2022, 12:53 IST|
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Every month at BYJU’S, we focus on a different theme for BYJUites to take part in interesting events, contests and workshops. The third month of 2022 focussed on Inclusion at Workplace as the overarching theme, with a mix of activities ensuring both fun and learning for BYJUites. 

Catch up on everything that brewed at BYJU’S in the month of March

A memorable Women’s Day celebration

BYJUites celebrating Week of Inclusion for Women’s Day

We celebrated a Week of Inclusion at BYJU’S ahead of International Women’s Day, during which BYJUites indulged in week-long activities. Among the key sessions were a de-stressing workshop, a session on self-defense, and a workshop that addressed the issue of Unconscious Bias. The celebrations concluded with a grand event – a panel discussion on Building Inclusive Workplaces – where thought-provoking and interesting conversation took place between Prathyusha Agarwal, Rachna Bahadur, and Mansi Kasliwal, moderated by Vineet Singh. 

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InspiHER – A space for women, by women of BYJU’S

InspiHER- our newly launched property dedicated to bringing stories of women at BYJU’S to the forefront

In March, we also launched a new property, called InspiHER. This is a space dedicated to spotlighting the stories of women at BYJU’S and learning from their experiences and aspirations. With this launch, BYJUites can now look forward to informative webinars, discussions, and inspiring stories from fellow women@BYJU’S and tips and learnings from senior leadership. 

Leaders Speak with Vinay MR, CCO, BYJU’S

A townhall with our Chief Content Officer

Vinay MR, Chief Content Officer, BYJU’S addressed BYJUites in the town hall this month, shedding light on the world of media, content, and academics. The town hall started with stories of his personal journey and learnings at BYJU’S, spanning over the last 15 years. He also shared insights into a few interesting projects and updates on products that are in the pipeline. The highlight of the town hall, however, was Vinay walking BYJUites through the step-by-step process of content creation and consumption. It was nothing short of incredible to learn what goes into creating world-class content.

“We have to keep in mind that everything that we’re doing has a massive impact and every person who’s doing it is bringing in that impact,” said Vinay, talking about creating a culture of accessibility in BYJU’S. 

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Cuteness galore at thumb painting workshop for Li’l BYJUites 

Little fingers, messy hands, pretty colours and cute smiles! We witnessed all this and more during our Thumb Painting Workshop for li’l BYJUites. The young champs, who joined us for this super engaging workshop, created some adorable artworks using their tiny fingers. We were truly mesmerised by their art and their enthusiasm. 

Check out their adorable entries below

Thumb Painting workshop organised for the lil ones at BYJU’S

When BYJUites discovered their poetic instincts 

Workshop led by Mahek Jangda for poetry enthusiasts at BYJU’S

Imagine a session where you can learn all about the art of writing poems. To celebrate World Poetry Week, we conducted a poetry workshop led by Mahek Jangda, a poet and novelist who charmed BYJUites with the magic of words. And that’s not all! At the end of the workshop, we announced a surprise poetry-writing contest, giving BYJUites a chance to express their emotions with poetry. 

Check out the best entries here

A fun artsy evening with Cartooning Workshop

BYJUites bringing their artsy side with a Cartooning workshop

What happens when BYJUites take part in an hour-long workshop, dedicated to the art of cartooning? Well, the creative juices start taking over with imagination bringing to life some of the most expressive, delightful cartoon characters. From faces, to stick figures and entire characters, the Basics of Cartooning workshop was indeed a grand success with BYJUites participating in large numbers. 

Ending the month with mind-reading & magic

Mind-reading and some magic for BYJUites and family

To bring the month of March to a close, we organised a thrilling Mentalist Show. It was mystifying, entertaining, and fun to witness Mentalist Rakesh Syam engage BYJUites and their family members in some astonishing mind-reading sessions. We believe that a positive work environment is important to bring the best to the table. And that’s what Life at BYJU’S is all about.  Do let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed March at BYJU’S, and what workshops you would like to be a part of in the coming months. We would love to organise them for you.

Head to Life at BYJU’S to learn more about our work, people, and the stories that make us unique. To explore job opportunities, check out Careers at BYJU’S

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