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Friendship Day 2021: ‘Twas a mix of fun, warmth and laughter

Team StoryWeavers|August 11, 2021, 14:19 IST|
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Friends are the family we choose. And Friendship Day is the time we get to celebrate the bonds we share with our dear friends aka dost, yaar, buddy, companion, partner etc. 

So, this Friendship Day, BYJUites celebrated their work buddies with a fun ‘Meme your Mate’ contest. This was followed by the exchange of super cute, exclusive Friendship Day postcards. And to bring the week to a close, we had a rib-tickling session of laughter yoga for BYJUites and their friends and family. What better way to boost the positive work environment, right?

Read on to find out more about the Friendship Day celebrations at BYJU’S.

Meme Your Mate Contest – By the BYJUites, for the BYJUites

Friendships and memes go hand in hand. Isn’t it? Is your friend even a friend if they don’t tag you in at least one meme a day? This Friendship Day, we reversed the tables and asked BYJUites to turn their buddies into popular memesYes, you read it right. We organised a fun contest where BYJUites got a chance to create memes on their work buddies. The entries left us in splits. Look for yourself!

Meme your Mate contest

Meme your mate contest: BYJUites turned their fellow colleagues into hilarious meme this Friendship Day.

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Spread cheer with Friendship Day Postcard

WFH would not have been the same without our friends from work. So, this Friendship Day, BYJUites also sent cute, customised postcards to their work buddies who make Life at BYJU’S cheerful and complete. 

Check out the super cool postcards. 

Friendship Day postcardFriendship Day postcard

Ending the celebration on a laughing note

Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that’s no joke. The Friendship Day celebrations at BYJU’S concluded with a fun laughter yoga session conducted by experts from Zariyaa  a company that works towards holistic well-being and health. 

BYJUites, along with their friends and family, laughed their hearts out during the session. The workshop not only proved to be a much-needed respite from the everyday monotony but also helped fuel a happy work culture at BYJU’S. The giggles and guffaws surely uplifted everybody’s mood.

Laughter Yoga session

The Friendship Day celebrations at BYJU’S concluded with a fun laughter yoga session.

A happy employee creates a happy work culture. And that is all that matters to us. 

How did you celebrate Friendship Day? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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