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Kickstarting the New Year with the #BetterYou Series | January@BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|February 07, 2022, 10:52 IST|
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New year means time to make new resolutions, right? At BYJU’S we believe in creating a culture of learning at the workplace. Keeping that in mind, we kicked off the New Year with the  #BetterYou series. As part of this project, BYJUites participated in a series of sessions and workshops, focusing on both professional and personal growth.

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Here’s a glimpse of what January at BYJU’S looked like:

Who said fitness can’t be fun

We wrapped up the first week of this new year with a funtastic Bollywood Fitness Dance party. And oh what fun that was! Choreographer Pooja Rajpurohit amped up the session with a medley of foot tapping Bollywood dance numbers. And guess what? Participants also grooved to the beats of their personal favourites by requesting the songs!

BYJUItes swaying to the beats of Bollywood music during a fitness workshop

Self-confidence is the key to success

The next workshop under the #BetterYou Series was led by Priyanka Manchanda, Organizational Psychologist at YourDOST; our mental health partner. From exploring what lack of confidence looks like to discussing tips to build self-confidence, the hour-long session was filled with wonderful insights. What was even better was seeing BYJUites participate in large numbers to make the best of the webinar.

Confidence building workshop conducted during the #BetterYou series

Managing finances for a better tomorrow

Taking charge of one’s personal finances is extremely important for a brighter future. In order to help BYJUites with key aspects of financial planning, we organised a session on Financial Literacy with the experts from Scripbox. Naval Painuly, Program Head, Scripbox, shared tips and tricks on managing personal finance and achieving financial goals. Participants also got all their finance-related queries answered during the Q&A session, held towards the end of the workshop.

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BYJUites making the most of the Financial Literacy Webinar

Learning the right way to set goals

Next up, was a live webinar on ‘Goal Setting’ and developing a winner mindset. Expert Pallavi Shimpi, Founder, Moving Minds who is also a counselling psychologist, shared useful tips on setting real and feasible goals.. She also shed light on prioritising goals and building higher tolerance for the challenges and hurdles in life.

Learning the ABC of developing Winner Mindset with an expert from Moving Minds

Week of Wellness at BYJU’S

In these extraordinary times, we understand the importance of awareness to deal with uncertainties. With this in mind, was born the Week of Wellness for BYJUites. All the sessions conducted as part of this initiative focussed on navigating through the challenges of the pandemic and building a culture of holistic wellbeing. In fact, experts from Zariya, YourDost, Visit, and Manipal Hospital joined forces with us to host insightful sessions like sound meditation, awareness sessions on Omicron, and post-Covid care workshops. Here’s a glimpse at all the workshops.

Week of Wellness organised at BYJU’S


A lot of learning while having fun along the way! Well, that’s how #lifeatbyjus looked like this past month. Do let us know in the comments below what workshops you would like to be a part of in, the coming months. We would love to organise them for you.

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