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Women Leaders: Nurturing, Inspiring, & Shaping The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Team StoryWeavers|September 30, 2022, 19:12 IST|
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Women leaders: You love them, admire them, and want to be them. They don’t just mentor you at work, they shape your entire personality. At BYJU’S, we are lucky to have several women leaders who are great team players, supporters, and are the perfect role models to other budding leaders,

Let’s hear from these incredible women, on what makes them such able trailblazers!

Sharon Supriya (Senior Director – Marketing & Growth Strategy) 

“I once trekked  a snowy mountain all alone in Yumesamdong , Sikkim. I had company when I started uphill, but 15 mins later I was all alone. It was scary, but I didn’t stop. When I reached the summit, I looked back at how steep the mountain was; sudden fear made me lose my grip, but I held on and took in the stunning view. 

Soon, I saw a small group of women climbing. When they drew a little closer, I heard one of them scream, “Is it safe enough to climb higher?”. I replied, “It’s not, but it’s worth it. Aa jao! Be careful on those rocks and ice, you may slip. Come over, I have chocolate.”  When they finally reached, one of the women said, “We thought it’s too risky, but when we saw you climb so fast and sit up here in awe, we wanted to do it too”, munching on the last chocolate. 

Learning from real life experiences, Sharon says leadership is no different – “Many will advise and warn you on what you should and shouldn’t do. You may have no knowledge about the path you’ve chosen. You may feel lonely. You may even feel like giving up. Once you reach the top, the path you crossed can also scare you and push you down. But do it anyway. Because that is where YOU want to be. And that’s all that matters. And you never know who you could inspire along the way, helping them reach newer heights, all because you dared to take that first step”

Vidushi Bhatia (General Manager – Student Experience) 

“As a leader, if I can bring my people to a state of mind where they comfortably share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback, with each other, I think it is a big win for me. Enabling such a culture in my team has always helped my people grow, manage the most difficult situations together, and stay receptive to changes. I always tell my team, ‘It’s okay to have conflicts. What  is important is resolving them in a healthy way. Talk about problems you may have with each other, resolve them, and get back to supporting each other. 

And it all starts with setting the right examples. As a leader, my communication style must reflect the same values that I wish to bring back to my team. I must reflect openness, receptivity to feedback and fairness in all aspects. All we need is to create that belief system for people that we are here to learn from each other and support each other. Our teams are always a reflection of us.”

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Gayathri KS (Manager – HR Systems & Data) 

“Coming from an Organizational Psychology background, I have always focussed on people, behavior, and bringing out the best in them.”

An individual’s thoughts, feelings and actions taken together form a pattern which Psychologists term as “Personality”. As a Leader we deal with varied personalities everyday.  To be an effective Leader it is essential  to know how to Motivate, Lead and Persuade these personalities at Work!

I agree with this  quote by John Maxwell – ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’. My mentors at BYJU’S have been guiding me since 2018, and have been an integral part of my growth. People like Deeptha AR and Anjana S Rao (to name a few), have shown me the way forward, proving to be effective catalysts in transforming my potential into reality. ”

Mayuri Majumdar  (Assistant General Manager – Marketing)

“What if I tell you that the ‘glass ceiling’ isn’t important anymore? For it defines our limits. That for every gender minority, the limit is set by what men have achieved before them. As we redefine or rather define what the horizon looks like, we have to be mindful of what lies ahead. For me, it is breaking the invisible ‘cycle’. We have finite time and infinite possibilities. It is easy to continue to work on my own progress and betterment, but where’s the fun in that? Unless I continue to break the cycle for others, my progress makes very little sense. 

Having a coveted designation is aspirational, but having an entire tribe of gender minorities breaking every norm is inspiring. Ambition is one of the most challenging desires one can nurture. For example, as a gender minority, while you continue to chase your  goals, pause and ask what difference am I going to make for my tribe. If your dreams are centered around your betterment, you will do good. However, if your ambition involves other gender minorities, you will exceed what you have set out to achieve. 

Together, we will always be stronger. Find your tribe or lead one – and together we will break the cycle, every day!” 

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Nidhi R Daiya (Manager – Social Strategy)

“To me, leadership is all about demonstration – leading by example, and it has never been defined by gender. It’s a pivotal role where you teach by walking the talk, and it’s an amazingly lucid way to break boundaries and pave your own path!

I’ve always believed in this saying – Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do. Be it at work or in my personal life – I do it with all my heart. And when you love what you do, you are bound to flourish.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have incredible mentors at BYJU’S, who guide me, and help me focus on what’s important, without judging me in any way. I try to bring that same stability and attitude within my team, letting them speak their mind and lead with their own acumen.  

The need of the hour is compassionate and open-minded leaders. It’s essential to build an environment where everyone grows, is appreciated, and isn’t afraid to bring their ideas to the table. Making this a norm from the beginning, allows everyone to speak up, irrespective  of their gender or designation. I believe that this is how we can build thought leaders of tomorrow.

Loved reading about the experiences of our fine women leaders at BYJU’S? We would love to know what leadership means to you, and if you have encountered powerful leaders in your life. Tell us in the comments below.

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