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Mother’s Day | 5 Indian social media influencer moms you need to follow

Team StoryWeavers|May 17, 2023, 11:00 IST|
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Social media influencers started becoming a rage in the early 2010s. There are many reasons why they have rose to fame. For starters, they share authentic content with a tinge of aspirational value. We’ve now also seen a rise in momfluencers or mommy influencers on social media. Why? The reason is simple. They showcase to women out there what motherhood is really about. Some break the expectations of being a super mom while others show how they really balance their lives and motherhood. Relatability is what we, humans, strive for after all. 

This Mother’s Day, we put together a list of 5 Indian social media influencer moms you need to follow right now, whether it is for parenting advice or seeking inspiration.




A social media influencer with content that looks like peeking into a mother's mind



Madhurima aka Maddy is a social media influencer who is also a full-time working mom. What we love about her content is that it looks like peeking into a mother’s mind – her worries, balancing work, personal life and motherhood, and some everyday thoughts of a working mother. Some of her posts about mom guilt, teaching the child the importance of saying “no”, and the negative impact of imposing unrealistic expectations on kids, just stole our hearts.




Poonam Sapra


An Indian mom, a social media influencer with wonderful life advice on sign boards



You don’t have to be an Indian mom to follow Poonam Sapra and her brilliantly-put life advice. She brings a perspective of life’s complexities with a simpler lens and a tinge of humour. She even gives a few tips on how to make your mom happy, which might come in handy for you this Mother’s Day. Don’t miss some fun content Poonam posts with her son, it’ll surely remind you of your own mom!




Sameera Reddy


An Indian actor and Instagram social media influencer



Sameera Reddy, an actor and Instagram influencer, recently entered the Influencers Hall of Fame where she shows us how she unapologetically embraces her body and grey hair. Through her funny and woke reels, she also throws light on how all the glam you witness on social media is not reality. Sameera also talks about how being an independent woman and a supermom comes with its own expectations of always being strong and that it’s okay to ask for support.




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Teejay Sidhu


A social media influencer who gives a glimpse into realities of parenthood


Teejay Sidhu is an actor, host, Instagram influencer, and mom to three beautiful girls. You will love her chronicles of family life, profession, and the realities of motherhood. She shows us that maintaining a work-life balance is not always easy and there isn’t always free time left, but that you will learn to love it. Her reels are not always fun and humorous, they also give you a glimpse into parenthood and how important it is to have some time off from our busy schedules to have a cup of coffee.




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Mugdha Kalre


A journalist and an Indian mom to a neurodiverse son


Mugdha Kalre is a journalist and a mother to a neurodiverse son. She chronicles what it is to be a caregiver to a child who falls on the autism spectrum. Apart from being a journalist, Mugdha is also an activist who began the movement, Not That Different, towards making a more inclusive world for neurodiverse people. This page is not just heartwarming but also super inspiring.





Tell us in the comments about any other Indian social media influencer moms you follow. 

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