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An EDM Artist’s Love for Music and How it Led Him to a “World-Class” Team

Team StoryWeavers|April 14, 2022, 13:29 IST|
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Imagine watching your favourite movie but without any background sound or music. It would almost feel like the emotions have been muted, wouldn’t it? 

Sound is a vital part of audio-visual communication as it seeks to elevate the viewing experience. It also happens to be an important part of learning as the learner not only learns by watching but also by hearing. And this is exactly where mavericks like PS Sarath come in. An Assistant Director with our Sound team, Sarath joined BYJU’S in 2017 and has since worked on several of BYJU’S disruptive learning products. 

“Sound is such a crucial part of any video,” he shares, “and my role involves curating and crafting the right sound effects to make our learning content lively and engaging. This is particularly important in case of our young learners, who watch certain kinds of cartoons with very catchy music. With the help of similarly catchy music in our learning videos, it is possible to retain their interest and ensure quality engagement.” 

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Sarath’s foray into music

For Sarath, however, this interest and passion for music and sound took root way back in college. He shares, “I was pursuing Computer Science Engineering when I was exposed to electronic dance music (EDM). It intrigued me so much that I decided to drop out of my course,” he recalls. 

Shortly after, though, Sarath decided to pursue this newly-found passion for EDM and enrolled in a sound engineering course. “It was here that I learned what I know about music today. During my time at this institute in Chennai, I was able to meet other like-minded people from the music industry. An experience that only strengthened my decision to take up music as a career.” he shares. 

After a short stint in his home state of Kerala, where he worked in studios producing music, Sarath decided to explore opportunities in Bangalore. “Back then, sound engineering was restricted to films and television but I wanted to explore other avenues,” he says. Incidentally, that’s when a friend of Sarath’s told him about a job opening in the Sound team at BYJU’S. “I landed the job and joined BYJU’S within the month,” he adds.  

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Developing sound knowledge

Over the years, Sarath has managed to add several new skills to his musical artillery and even foray into areas of sound effects that he hadn’t tried before. Says the BYJUite, “My experience at BYJU’S involves a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning. I had never produced music for children before and that too in multiple genres, including orchestral, rock and jazz. It’s vastly different from producing music in film and television studios.”  

Sarath’s experience at BYJU’S involves a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning

In fact, at one point, his expertise was majorly in producing EDM. “But now I have learned so much from my seniors and team members,” says Sarath, who has helped create sound effects and music for BYJU’S Early Learn products, Osmo, Tynker and Epic.  

Composing music for the main characters in BYJU’S Early Learn products is perhaps Sarath’s most memorable experience. “It was a time when BYJU’S was taking their animation to the next level and the music had to be at par,” shares Sarath adding, “So as a team, we came up with the theme music for these characters and it was a great learning curve.” 

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The sound of his music

But EDM still happens to be Sarath’s first love when it comes to composing music. And it was this love that prompted him to recently produce his own album. “It’s a tribute to my love for EDM and retro,” he says. “When I released the EP, I got accolades from all around and even got the opportunity to collaborate with other indie musicians, including hip-hop artists and local bands from Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir.”

In fact, many of his teammates also produce their own music and some have received multiple awards and accolades for their work. A trait that Sarath feels makes the sound team at BYJU’S truly world-class. “There are some phenomenal talents in this team, coming from different backgrounds — they have played in bands, worked in film studios and even been deejays.” 

“Working with them and being a part of each other’s creative process is a learning curve in itself.” This, says Sarath, is what makes his BYJU’S journey enriching and fulfilling. 

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