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A Chartered Accountant’s Road To BYJU’S And Why It’s The Best Risk He Has Taken

Team StoryWeavers|February 08, 2021, 08:16 IST| 8
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Kushagr takes us behind the scenes and explains how BYJUites are embracing the culture of innovation

When you are making a critical change in your career, there are two questions that need to be considered: what’s motivating you to switch to a particular career path? And once you have made the move, what will keep you in the job? Kushagr Dhingra, AVP, Business Finance and Strategy, BYJU’S, had similar questions on his mind when he was contemplating a move from the world of finance to edtech. 

What got the ball rolling, however, was the conviction of doing something completely different and while doing so, being able to create an impact. 

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“When I visited the BYJU’S office for the first time, I spent around half-an-hour on the floor. In that short time, I looked at the studio, I looked at the energy on the floor, I looked at the amazing things that were getting created, and I was convinced that this is something absolutely different from what I was doing. But then I was pretty sure that I will be doing something that is really impactful,” says Kushagr in the latest edition of People Who Make BYJU’S –  a series of employee stories that spotlights people and captures their stories of learning and growing with BYJU’S

In this episode, Kushagr takes us behind the scenes and explains how BYJUites are really embracing the culture of innovation and experimentation. It’s all about the open-door policy, he says. “You can walk up to any CXO and share your idea. If your idea is executable and has the capability of creating a positive impact, it is going to get accepted.”

The BYJUite also throws light on the spirit of entrepreneurship that our work environment has enabled. By fostering a culture of ownership and responsibility, he says, BYJU’S has fostered a work culture where everyone operates like they are “running their own startup within a huge organisation.” 

This and a bunch of other factors, explains Kushagr, paved his path to BYJU’S – a decision he deems as the best risk he has ever taken.

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April 1, 2021

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Harsh Chavda

March 1, 2021

As any recruitment for fresher at Byju’s,I would like to being part of BYJU’S Family.

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February 28, 2021

Hi, give me a chance to be a part of byju’s. And I will share my story which will surely touch your soul


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