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Product Management and User Empathy: Watch Shravan Tickoo Connect the Dots

Team StoryWeavers|December 27, 2021, 12:51 IST| 4
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“Product management is very close to psychology. You need to try and improve the happiness quotient through any service or product that you build. And that can only happen when you have compassion and user empathy in your heart,” shares Shravan Tickoo adding, “I think the BYJU’S philosophy is a very strong embodiment of this idea.”

In the latest edition of People Who Make BYJU’S, Shravan Tickoo, Principal Product Manager at BYJU’S, deciphers the basic tenets of product management. Watch him break down the three qualities that every product manager should hone and how BYJU’S is taking online learning to the next level with gamified experiences. 

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Relationship between product management and empathy

Spending time with target users is one of the most important initiatives for aspiring Product Managers to understand their users better, says Shravan. “Understand what makes them happy, what doesn’t make them happy, what are their intrinsic motivations, and what are their external motivations. And try to build experiences on top of it.”

In building a product that ultimately impacts the user experience, the key is to develop user empathy. Only when a professional is able to step into the shoes of the user (in our case, students), can they develop learning solutions that are more focussed and effective in the long run. At BYJU’S, this essentially translates into creating gamified and more immersive experiences for the learners. 

“We are trying to build certain experiences within BYJU’S Classes that are gamified, have different layers of innovation, and involve different teaching methodologies to give the best learning and growth experience to the students. Simultaneously, we are also trying to expand to markets where there is a need for accessible and good quality education and build products for them,” adds the product maverick. 

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