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Watch: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift is Something Money Cannot Buy

Team StoryWeavers|June 17, 2022, 18:58 IST|
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The definition of fatherhood has changed with time. Gone are those days when fathers were just a figure of authority — to be feared and revered. Fathers today are confidants, friends and often the best cheerleaders. And to celebrate such an important figure in our life, it calls for the perfect gift!  

This Father’s Day, we asked some super dads of BYJU’S what their idea of a perfect gift would be. Will it be a wallet or a watch or some perfume perhaps? Or maybe it’s something intangible and priceless, like time? Catch Bimal Viswam, Amol Parithosh, Mrudul Maldhure and Gaurav Rai talk about their journey into fatherhood, their favourite moments as a father, and what they think would be a perfect Father’s Day gift.

A friend in need

“Friendship is the strongest bond,” says Amol, “I want my son to be my friend and consider me as the go-to person when he needs help with anything in life. That would be a perfect gift to look forward to.” 

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Fatherhood has not just changed Amol’s life for the better but it has also helped him develop a newfound respect for motherhood. “Prioritising my son and his needs comes first and foremost. But I’m also trying to strike a balance so that I can give him and his mother enough time,” shares Amol.

Lesson from the school of life

Becoming a father, much like becoming a mother, comes with its own set of challenges and adjustments. It is perhaps the biggest lesson in the school of life, and it teaches some very important skills that can be applied to various other areas of life as well. 

“Fatherhood has taught me to be more emotive and has made me more aware of people’s feelings and expressions. It has also taught me to be more patient,” says Bimal, who is father to a four-year-old girl. 

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But with the trials and tribulations and profound life lessons, also come moments that are cherished and indelible. “The first time I felt my daughter kicking inside her mother’s womb was a life-changing experience,” shares Gaurav, adding, “I don’t have words to describe the feeling.” Gaurav confesses that his now 20-month-old daughter has made him happier and more responsible than ever before. 

Fathers are truly an irreplaceable figure in every child’s life. And what can be a better way to celebrate these superheroes than with the gift of time? 

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