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Power Yogi or Awakened Soul: Find Out Which Meditation Style Suits Your Personality | World Meditation Day

Team StoryWeavers|May 20, 2022, 13:57 IST|
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Before we begin with the ultimate meditation personality guide, let’s try out an exercise. 

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Inhale calm and exhale chaos. 
  3. Repeat three times. 
  4. Now slowly open your eyes and feel the difference.
  5. Sit back and enjoy this moment of relaxation. 

This is exactly how meditation can help you clear your mind and prepare you for your day. It’s more than just balancing your chakras!

But how do you know which style is the most effective for you? Like most personalities, meditation works differently for different people depending on your lifestyle, mood and schedule.

This World Meditation Day, let’s find out if you are the Awakened Soul who enjoys self-reflection or a Relaxed Mojo who loves to take a backseat. Find out which meditation type suits your personality, perfectly. Now let’s proceed to discover the path to calmness. Ready. Set. Bliss! 

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1. Awakened Soul: 

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You are the kind who often reflects on thoughts and emotions. Dwelling in the stillness of the moment and aligning with your feelings is what you enjoy the most. 

You will positively love how Mindful Meditation is all about observational powers and the practice of focusing on awareness of your emotions and feelings. You are the one who wants to practice self-compassion and self-kindness at all times.  

2. Power Yogi: 

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If you are a creative enthusiast, filled with vibrant ideas, then this is the ideal meditation practice for you. Mantra Meditation is an approach that includes repetition of mantras or chants to increase concentration & calming intentions. So, if you are creative and words are your superpowers, then this meditation allows your monkey mind to take a backseat and reflect inwards while you chant words of relaxation. 

3. Zen Master

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You are someone who enjoys connecting with yourself in-depth, letting go of the past, not worrying about the future, and stripping yourself of all the expectations. Spiritual meditation is your calling. A practice of in-depth connection to a spirit that is greater and deeper than the self. This meditation helps you look beyond your chaotic atmosphere and find solace within. 

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4. The Empath

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You are optimistic and empathetic, and exude warmth when around other people. You are a person who boundlessly extends warm-hearted feelings. With Loving-kindness Meditation you can practice affirmation, by repeating a series of positive and compassionate statements either loudly or silently.

Loving-kindness meditation involves strengthening feelings of kindness and mentally sending warmth toward others. With this practice, you will not just extend love to yourself but to the universe as well. More compassion is coming your way and the world!

5. The Relaxed Mojo

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Achieving a quieter atmosphere and a peaceful state of mind are your goals at all times. You are a seeker of calm amidst the chaos. Calming Meditation is a style that will help you find relaxation and a peaceful state of mind.

In this technique, you will have to focus on one particular object at a time like a chant, your breathing, or a sensation within your body. The challenge is to pull yourself out of any kind of distraction to achieve calm.

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6. The Dreamer

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If you have a powerful presence of mind, unstoppable imagination and your mind can picturise an entire sequence easily then the Guided Meditation is for you. This meditation will help you settle your thoughts and take you on a story-fueled journey. This meditation can be done with the help of audio and video narration that will lead your experience. You can let go of the need to control. Relax and get ready to be guided. 

Did you find your personality type in this meditation guide? Tell us in the comments below. 

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