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Warm, Fuzzy Feelings Only: Check Out The Memorable Family Photos Shared By BYJUites

Team StoryWeavers|May 13, 2022, 13:12 IST|
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Int Day of Families

They say families are like branches of a tree, we grow in different directions yet our roots are one and the same. It is one of those special bonds! Made of love, care, and unconditional support, it is something you can always depend on, come rain or sunshine. 

What better way to celebrate this love than by browsing through old photos that bring back all the happy memories? This International Day Of Families, BYJUites are taking a walk down memory lane with heartwarming pictures that will fill your day with warm, fuzzy feels.

From emotional wedding moments to unforgettable celebrations, each memory oozes wholesome love and warmth. Take a look.

Top 12  heartwarming ‘Happily Family’ pictures:  

  1. Adil Bashir – CRT Trainee
Int Day of families

Adil Bashir – CRT Trainee shares a picture of his family plucking saffron flowers from their saffron garden during autumn in Kashmir.
















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2. Aman Tiwari – Business Development Associate 

Int Day of Families

Aman Tiwari shares a picture with his BYJU’S family along with his ‘brother-like’ manager and teammates.

3. Hiteshri Shrikant Gawade – Associate Delivery & Production

Int Day of Families

Hiteshri Shrikant Gawade shares one of the most emotional and precious moments of her life with her family during the pre-wedding ceremony.

4. Indrani Raha – Content Editor, Growth (Marketing)

Indrani Raha - Int Day of Families

Indrani Raha celebrates the joy of motherhood with open arms as she holds her baby girl.

5. Mahima Padmanabha  – Quality Analyst, CS Team

Mahima Padmanabha - Int Day of Families

Mahima Padmanabha shares a picture of her family on the 60th birthday of her father.

6. Manshi Bhanushali  – Service Counselor 

Manshi Bhanushali shares a picture of her father who welcomed his granddaughter with flowers.

7. Mugdha Krishna Kadgadkai  – BDT 

Mugdha says no distance can keep a family apart. She shares an emotional picture from her eldest sister’s wedding, where her sisters and mother share a warm hug.

8. Nayan Panchal  – Network Executive

Nayan Panchal shares the most memorable photo of his life from when he was just a year old.















9. Nikita Joseph – Assistant Director, & Direction Pod

Nikita Joseph shares a rib-tickling moment with her family, saying the moment was captured when her brother decided to name their new cat Avacato in reference to Avocado.

10. Nishat Khazi – Academic Specialist

Nishat Khazi shares a heartwarming picture of her father blessing her on her wedding day.

11. Priyanka – Academic Specialist, Tutoring Team

Priyanka says “family is not all about blood relations,” sharing a picture from her wedding with her best friends who came down during COVID.

12. Shalini B Kashyap – Associate, Production and Delivery

Shalini B Kashyap shares a memorable picture from her parents’ anniversary farm visit.

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Kudos to the BYJUites whose memorable moments have made it to this ‘Happily Family’ photo story! A big thank you to everyone else for participating in this contest and sharing your family’s big moments with us. It was indeed a difficult job, shortlisting the photos from the barrage of beautiful, wholesome family pictures that were shared by you all. 

Have a memorable family moment that you would like to share? Head to the comments section and tell us the story! 

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