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BYJU’S Dream Chasers: Women Who Defied All Odds and Found Success

Team StoryWeavers|December 10, 2021, 13:27 IST| 11
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Empowerment comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, it translates into financial independence. Others look at the ability to choose their own career path and pursue their dreams as empowering. And there are a few more who find empowerment in sustenance and being able to support the journey and ambitions of their loved ones.  

At BYJU’S, there’s no dearth of such stories of empowerment and inspiration. Our #dreamchasers – the women who are taking charge across teams and levels – know exactly what it takes to make the best of opportunities, to take more chances, and to chase their dreams against all odds. In their pursuits and experiences, not only have we grown as a brand but also imbibed lessons that redefine our values and the work culture at BYJU’S, every single day. 

Here’s a glimpse into the journey of these women and their stories of chasing dreams.

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Carving her own path to success

“There were days when women used to stay away from money matters. But now they are breaking such barriers. I, personally, look at financial independence as taking charge of my life and making my own decisions,” says Smruthi B, the Marketing Associate of BYJU’S Social Media Team. 

Smruthi is supporting a young girl’s education amid the pandemic

As a 20-year-old, life came to a turning point for Smruthi when her dream to study abroad couldn’t take flight due to financial constraints. That’s when she decided to pursue a career in edtech and become a part of students’ learning journeys. A choice, which she says has helped her achieve a sense of personal accomplishment and support others who are less fortunate than her. 

“I understood the importance of education early on in life. So, I made it a point to help others too by empowering them with the power of education,” says the BYJUite, who has been supporting a young girl’s education amid the pandemic. 

The impact of this decision is evident in Smruthi’s career goals as well. The BYJUite, who is currently pursuing a course in Digital Marketing and Brand Communication alongside her job, believes that creating a career roadmap will help build a foundation to advance in career. “Now my only goal is to complete my course and move up the ladder in the company,” she adds. 

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When passion meets purpose

“Everyone aspires to be financially stable so that you can make your own decisions, achieve a sense of achievement and accomplishment in an empowering manner. That’s what happened when I joined BYJU’S.”

That’s Madhura J, Product Expert at BYJU’S. Sharing her idea of empowerment, she quips, “it’s a powerful feeling, and it happens when you have control over your life and you are doing what you are passionate about. For me, a sense of fulfillment came when I joined BYJU’S last year after completing my MBA in Human Resource and Marketing.”

Madhura J aims to take on a role in the HR department

As someone who is passionate about her work, Madhura emphasises making things happen in your career rather than waiting for opportunities to come around. “I always wanted to make a difference and the fact that I get to be a part of this learning revolution is fulfilling. I have seen a lot of people make progress in their career at BYJU’S and this motivates me to work even harder,” she quips, sharing her career goal: to take on a role in the HR department

Things are no different for Sreoshi Bakshi, Scriptwriter at BYJU’S. A passionate writer and an explorer at heart, Sreoshi chased her dream of helping children learn new things in an exciting way.


In the process, not only have I gained financial independence but also a sense of achievement by helping kids fall in love with learning. And the fact that my accomplishments impact our brand and the work culture at BYJU’S is exciting and empowering.

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Changing destiny, one step at a time

Binsiya Hamza’s dream of educating her three younger sisters came true when her work unlocked new possibilities for her. The Learning and Development Specialist at BYJU’S shares that a good education opened doors to several work opportunities for her and now she wants the same for her sisters. 

“Since we were four sisters everybody told my father to get us married by 18 years and not spend much on our education. But he always wanted us to be financially independent and that moment came as soon as I joined BYJU’S. Now, I am able to support my father in financial matters and fund my sister’s education as well,” says Binsiya beaming with pride. 

Binsiya Hamza joined BYJU’S in 2019

She adds, “The work culture at BYJU’S offered me the perfect blend of a highly satisfying career and a motivating team. The best thing about my job is that it is very impactful which motivates me to give my best. In my two years at BYJU’S, I have seen a huge change in my personality and the way I conduct my life.” 

If there’s one thing that’s common for all these women, it’s the drive to go against all odds and give their best at what they do. And in doing so, they redefine goals and the very meaning of empowerment.

What does empowerment mean for you? We would love to hear from you, share your idea of empowerment in the comments below.

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I really impressed with achievements woman’s are getting in byjus I would also be graceful if I get chance to become apart of this organization
I need a job badly this time bcs I hv too much financial crisis


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I also want to learn here at byju’s kid’s kota,Rajasthan

sushma rani

August 6, 2021

Good afternoon my self sushma and I really need the job still I complete my recently I have also sales bpo experience but still I am jobless and I want to support our self as well as family so pls provide me at least one opportunity.


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July 29, 2021

really, coincidence listen about byjus & so happy to it’s professional work in society. I’m so eager work with byjus. Please give me a opportunity.

Pallavi kumari

July 26, 2021

From I started knows what happening around me and then I made my self, self independent girl. And also I am the only earning person for my family. And I am proud of it.


July 25, 2021

Your not giving a chance for right person to develop your business I attempt this interview but they are not asking what they want they just taking unless person into job time waste for attempting interview.. Your loving Indian unemployment person

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