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Parent Club Webinar 101s: Explaining Sensory Play

Team StoryWeavers|September 20, 2021, 16:56 IST|

Children learn while they play, And, play while they learn! 

BYJU’S Parent Club Webinar discussed the art of storytelling to engage with children. Helping children learn better through stories and fostering their understanding of the environment through sensory play remains at the core of their learning journeys. Parents across the world are in agreement that children can play with everything and anything that surrounds them, be it sand, mud, water or playing dough. This interaction with their surroundings is called sensory play.

What is Sensory Play?

Children’s approach to sensory play is dependent on the materials they play with. As parents, giving them age-appropriate playing material aligned with their developmental stage is an important aspect of sensory play. Children’s attention span and focus increases when playing with materials such as water, soil or dough. Also, they will play differently with different materials. For instance, experimenting with dough will only happen if they have moulds or scissors too.

Introducing Sensory Play At Home

Sensory bins are a great way to introduce sensory play at home. Parents can create room for sensory play by taking containers that can hold different materials for the child to play in. 

Some factors to bear in mind when introducing sensory play are:

  • Avoiding the materials that pose a possibility of choking hazard
  • Stimulating all senses through introduction of variety of materials 
  • Ensuring a beautiful presentation of the sensory bins

What can you put in these Sensory Bins?

Everything that caters to the developmental stage of the children and is age-appropriate.

  • Food or edible materials like different beans, rice, flour, water, cereals, pasta, salt. etc
  • Child-friendly items like buttons, puzzle pieces, bottle caps, toy cars, straws, beads, paint, etc 
  • Equipment like trays, moulds, rolling pins, toy injection, etc.

Pro tip – Make the play more interesting by using coloured salt, pasta or dough!

Children’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills get strengthened through sensory play. As parents, introducing different textures to encourage them to explore helps boost their imagination and creativity!

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