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BYJU’S Student Adarsh Cracks JEE Main with 99.268 Percentile

Team StoryWeavers|May 28, 2021, 08:12 IST|

Adarsh V, a Class 12 BYJU’S student who hails from Thrikkalangode, Kerala, is a reticent yet confident young student whose career ambition is firmly rooted in his love for Mathematics. With a dream to deep-dive into the depths of Mathematical research, Adarsh shares thoughtful advice for aspirants that reflects his own approach to studies – “I think motivation and ambition come from where you wish to be.” Which is why he left no stones unturned in his preparation for JEE Main, where he scored a whopping 99.268 percentile, moving him one step closer to his dream. In addition, he also secured an All India Rank of 724, in the KVPY examination conducted for the year 2020. Team Storyweavers spoke to Adarsh about his exam preparation journey and the lessons that he learnt along the way.

Like mother, like son

With a study schedule that was hinged on nurturing his passion for numerals, Adarsh credits his success to the support given by his parents during his preparation. “They helped me make a schedule and kept an eye on me to ensure I was getting enough sleep. They further identified my strengths and weaknesses and motivated me a lot.”

But the seeds of his success were sown much before the JEE exam. He revealed that when he was very young, his parents identified his strength in math, which turned out to be a crucial turning point for Adarsh. My mother says I used to count from 1 to 10 when I was just a year old. She is a math teacher too, so it makes her proud that I have an aptitude for it as well,” he says, with a wide grin, adding that it’s the puzzle-like nature and precision of math that really drew him into the subject. “I like how accurate every math problem is!” he quips.

Topper secrets

In addition to an expertise in Math, Adarsh is also an expert violinist! He has been learning how to play the instrument since he was in class 3.

In addition to expertise in Math, Adarsh is also an expert violinist! He has been learning how to play the instrument since he was in class 3.

Toppers like Adarsh can always be counted upon to give effective advice with regards to exam preparation. His number one advice for anyone preparing for JEE is – ‘Deeply invest more time in your subject of interest.’  He says, “BYJU’S helped me improve my conceptual clarity, while making my understanding of subjects much clearer. It was a great recourse to have during the lockdown period since I found enough time to do the daily practice questions, which helped me gain a lot of confidence in a short period of time.”

Testing oneself regularly is the next most important thing, Adarsh continues. “The BYJU’S All India Tests proved to be very useful while analysing the status of my preparation. It helped me to know my position at a national level and what I needed to do more in order to elevate my ranking.”

Speaking of which, what does one do to improve their performance in subjects that may not be their strength? Adarsh says that frequent revision is the key here. “I would choose a topic for the day and revise it daily, weekly and even monthly. For subjects like Chemistry, such revision is needed. Visualising the concepts also helps to a great extent,” he says. 


“BYJU’S helped me improve in Physics thanks to the real-life examples they use to help us understand concepts” – Adarsh V

Nervousness is okay

Cracking an exam like JEE can be a stressful experience, but Adarsh devised a way to tackle this too by carving out time to relax. “When you study for long hours you need to refresh your mind. So I used to play the violin during this time.” When asked if he was nervous before the exam, Adarsh replied candidly, Everyone faces nervousness in these exams, and to be frank, initially, that nervousness is needed I think. It pushes you to study well every day. However, before the exam, it always helps if you are relaxed and confident.” So, how does one master this? “Finish preparation well before the exam date and then let your confidence do the rest,” he shares insightfully.

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