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The perfect job for animal lovers: Become a Veterinarian

Team StoryWeavers|November 30, 2018|

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The veterinary profession is one of the most rewarding career options for animal lovers. It means taking care of and improving human, animal and environmental health. It is not just about furry friends. Looking at it through  a different lens will truly help you realise the real impact that veterinarians make. They manage the health and well being of our beloved pets, our livestock and of the wildlife, in turn contributing to the improvement of our day to day lives and of the environment.

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Now that you’ve gotten an inside scoop about the job,the next step is to start prepping to enter this profession.

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Being the best in any field requires that you learn from the best.Here’s a list of the top veterinary colleges in India:

Tier 1 Colleges:

National Dairy Research Institute – [NDRI], Karnal

Central Agriculture University, Imphal

Indian council for agricultural research,New Delhi

Tier 2 Colleges

College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences – [CVAS], Bikaner

Banaras Hindu University – [BHU], Varanasi

Indian Veterinary Research Institute – [IVRI], Bareilly

Here’s a sneak peek into what your day may look like as a veterinarian:

Your day will start with checking the in-patients, the progress they’ve made and attending to their immediate medical needs.

Throughout the day, you’ll be meeting new patients and making friends with some of them while giving them their shots, checking lab results and so on. You may also need to handle emergency cases but as long as you keep calm, it’ll all be alright.

Cuddling some of the cutest dogs, treating sick kittens, saving the life of a calf or even putting down a really sick pet….your days as a vet will certainly be a roller coaster ride.

This will be the case if you decide to work at a clinic or run one of your own.There are many other options that you can go for. You can also  specialise in food safety and inspection, get involved in research and study human and animal health conditions etc.

If you choose to work in a private corporation as opposed to clinics and hospitals then these are some of the top recruiters:

  • Amul Dairy
  • Dabur
  • Aavin

For all you aspiring veterinarians out there, it’s best to get some hands on experience about the job before college.

You can take up internship opportunities to get some real-world experience in an interactive learning environment.This will also help strengthen your resume, gain new perspectives in the field, and build your professional network with other passionate young people.

If internships like this are hard to come by you can try asking around at neighborhood kennels or even your friends if they want help to take care of their pets or if you can do some odd jobs at the local clinic. This will help you analyse whether you have the right aptitude for this job.

If you’re choosing to take this up as a lifelong career remember that veterinarians are the best doctors in the world. They can’t ask their patients what the matter is. They just have to know.

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