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Add Passion, Multiply Success – Pursue a Career in Maths!

“The only way to understand Mathematics is to do Mathematics” – Paul Halmos, American-Hungarian mathematical statistician For those of you...

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The BYJU’S student who aced International Mathematics Olympiad with Rank 15

“Wherever there is a number, there is beauty.” – Proclus “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical...

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Is Teaching Your True Calling?

Have you had those moments where you felt a certain sense of pride and satisfaction by teaching something to someone?...

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Can We Bring Back Animals That Went Extinct? And Should We?

Imagine travelling to the wilderness of Siberia to see a woolly mammoth walking calmly through its natural habitat. Or getting...

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What If There Was a Food Replacement Pill?

It is a constant theme in science fiction, and one you certainly must have heard about.  The man or woman...

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Are There Really Right-Brained and Left-Brained People?

Have you ever heard people say that they tend to be more of a right-brain or left-brain thinker? From books...

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What Would Humans Look Like In A Million Years?

Are modern humans still evolving? What will we look like in a million years? Will our descendants be cyborgs with...

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The Hair-Raising Science Behind Goosebumps

Imagine swimming in a lake on a hot summer day. The water is quite warm, but the wind is strong...

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Passion + Creativity + Love for Food = Career as a Chef!

In recent times, due to the pandemic forcing all of us to stay indoors, the internet has got everyone up...

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