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Science stream after 10th? Things to remember when making the big decision

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The pandemic with its multiple waves has become a genuine cause of worry for everyone, especially for students whose academic performance may have been affected by the numerous lockdown measures introduced by the government. The pandemic may be a reason for below-par performances by many students this year. So the question that we must be asking is whether opting for science stream after 10th grade is a bad idea with average grades? These are typical questions that run through your mind once you are done with your class 10.

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Should you choose a science stream after 10th?

The answer to this question is highly subjective and it can change from person to person. If you are someone who loves science and technology or someone who wants to pick up an engineering degree then the obvious answer is, yes, you will have to opt for the science stream.

If you have not completely made up your mind when it comes to choosing between Medical Science and Engineering then playing the safe card is the best way to go. You could do this by going for Biology as the main subject. This way you could keep your options open at the end of Class 12 to either opt for Engineering or Medicine, whichever you may find fit.

Is opting for the science stream without maths after 10th even possible?

There are many of you out there who do not like mathematics and would love to stay away from the subject but at the same time take up science subjects. Well this is possible and is a highly sought after combination of subjects for those students who would like to pursue a career in the Medical field. Instead of taking up Mathematics as a science stream subject in Classes 11 and 12 students can opt for Biology. The details of this combination would be discussed in the following section.

What are the subjects in science stream after 10th?

For every science stream student, there is a list of compulsory subjects that must be taken up irrespective of how they wish to mould their career after class 12. Basically the science stream can be divided into two branches. The non-medical (PCM) and the medical (PCB) science streams.

The only difference between PCM and PCB is in the choice of the third subject. Out of these subjects Physics and Chemistry are compulsory subjects for both the medical and non-medical streams. English is a subject that is common to all streams and students have the freedom to take up any optional subject in order to meet a total of 5 subjects.

To sum it up, the list of compulsory subjects in a science stream would include the following – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English. Now apart from these subjects students are also given a choice of subjects in the optional category. Subjects that fall in this category include Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Economics, Engineering Drawing, Psychology and Physical Education.

List of science stream subjects after 10th:

 Compulsory Science Stream Subjects in Class 11 
 Mathematics/ Biology


 Optional Science Stream Subjects in Class 11 
 Computer Science
 Informatics Practices
 Engineering Drawing
 Physical Education


The PCM stream after 10th – the most sought-after science stream subject combination!

The combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is the most sought-after combination of science stream subjects after 10th here in India. The reason being, it offers students a massive edge in pursuing careers in the field of Engineering and Technology. These subjects lay the foundation for a sound understanding of concepts in Science and Technology. This combination is also useful for students in opting for non-engineering science-based career streams as well.

Career options after 12th in science:

After you take up the science stream in your 11th and 12th, you have a very large pool of career options to choose from. In fact science stream career options are some of the largest. This privilege is unique for those students who have opted for PCM or PCB after 10th. Those students who have selected PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as their main subjects will have a unique opportunity to pursue careers in the Medical field in addition to any other kind of profession other than Engineering.

Whereas students who have opted for PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) have the largest pool of courses to choose from once they are done with their Class 12. 

Science stream career options after 12th for PCB students:

Sought after Science stream career options after 12th for PCB students
 B Pharm – Bachelor in Pharmacy
 BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
 B Sc Horticulture – Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
 B Sc AH (Animal Husbandry) Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
 B Sc Rehabilitation Therapy
 MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
 B Sc Home Science
 B Sc – Nursing
 B Sc Agriculture – Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
 B Sc Zoology
 B Sc Radiography
 B Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
 B Sc Audiology
 B Sc Food Technology
 B Sc MLT – Bachelor in Medical Technology
 B Sc – Bachelor of Science
 B Sc Anthropology
 BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
 B Sc Microbiology – Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
 BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
 B Sc Occupational Therapists
 BUMS – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
 B Sc Biotechnology – Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
 B Sc Botany
 B Sc Speech and Language Pathology
 B Sc Environmental Science – Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
 B PT – Bachelor in Physiotherapy
 B Sc Bio Chemistry – Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
 B F Sc – Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences


For students who have opted for PCM the options are innumerable and hence only the popular ones have been listed below. 

Here’s a list of career options after 12th for PCM students:

 B.Tech/B. Engineering in Computer Science
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Aerospace Engineering
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Electrical Engineering
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Electronics and Tele-communication
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Information Technology
 B.Tech/Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Chemical Engineering
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Sound Engineering
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Biotechnology
 B.Tech/B.Engineering in Civil Engineering
 B.Arc – Bachelor of Architecture
 Higher National Diploma(HND) in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering
 Bachelor of Science in Nautical Technology
 B.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ship Building
 BSc in Home Science
 BSc in Environmental Science
 BSc in Statistics
 BSc Fashion Technology
 BSc in Nautical Science
 BSc in Geology
 BSc in Clothing and Textile
 BSc in Extension
 BSc in Maths
 BSc in Nutrition
 BSc in Family studies
 BSc in Chemistry
 BSc in Physics
 BSc in Fashion Design
 BSc in Industrial Chemistry
 BSc in Aviation Sciences
 BSc in Forensic Science
 BSc in communication
 BSc in Human Development
 BSc Astronomy
 National Defense Services-Indian Navy Officer, Indian Air Force
 Railway Apprentice Exam
 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
 Bachelor of Management Studies (NMS)
 Bachelor of Commerce
 Bachelor of Banking and Insurance
 Chartered Accountancy (CA)
 Company Secretary (CS)
 Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism
 Bachelor of Arts Psychology
 Bachelor of Interior Design/ Product Design
 Bachelor of Arts Sociology
 Bachelor of BFA Performing Arts (music/dance)
 Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
 Bachelor of Arts Physical Education (BPE)
 Bachelor of Mass-media/ Journalism Courses
 Bachelor of Film/ Television Courses
 Bachelor of Arts Psychology
 Bachelor of Arts foreign
 Bachelor of Arts Travel & Tourism Courses
 Bachelor of Law
 Bachelor of Arts Archeology
 Bachelor of Arts Sociology
 Bachelor of Arts English
 Bachelor of Hotel Management
 Bachelor of Arts Languages


In short, the science stream after 10th is a really good option if you wish to broaden your field of view as far as careers are concerned. Generally students with a background in science tend to be more efficient at picking up new skills and pivoting themselves into different fields in their careers. But then be it science commerce or arts it is a personal choice for students in the end. Which stream are you planning to take up after class 10? Please tell us in the comments below.

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