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One flower with all the colors – DIY Rainbow Flower

Team StoryWeavers|March 6, 2020|

Winter has come and gone. It’s spring now!

Look out of your window, and you are likely to find a tree in full bloom with flowers. Aren’t they attractive? One feels like having flowers of all the colors. But how many can you have at a go? What if we told you there’s a way you could bring an entire garden full of colors into one flower?

Sounds exciting?

In this month’s DIY Corner, we’ll teach you how to make a Rainbow Flower! 

Why did the flower change its color?

The flower changed its color due to the transpiration process. It’s a process in which the moisture and other gaseous waste are excreted through the stomata of the leaf. There are two parts of a plant that play an important role in this process – stomata and the xylem.

Stomata is a part of the plant found on the outer most layer of the leaves and flowers. It’s a small opening that allows gaseous exchanges. Whereas, the xylem is a tube-like structure that runs from the roots to the tip of the plant, transporting water and other nutrients to all the parts of the plant.

So what is happening in this experiment?

The xylem in the stem transports water from the jar to the petals. When the water reaches the petals, it evaporates through the stomata leaving behind the food color in the petals. Evaporation of water creates a pull from the top to bring more water. This process of transpiration keeps repeating for a few days, after which the flower dies. For a detailed understanding, you can watch the video on Transpiration here.

This experiment can be done with cabbage leaves, celery, and other flowers too, preferably white so that the colors are visible to you later. You can split the stem into more segments, adding four or five colors! 

Now that you have learned how to make a rainbow flower, tell us what you would like to learn in April, in the comments below.

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