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This World Art Day, engage in Art Therapy to release your emotions

Team StoryWeavers|April 14, 2023, 10:56 IST|
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World Art Day

On this occasion of World Art Day, which is celebrated to acknowledge fine arts and creativity around us, let’s understand the many shades of art. Art helps hone our problem-solving skills, acts as an outlet for our emotions, and can also be a powerful medium for social influence. ‘Art is therapeutic’, is a statement often heard but little do most of us know that it is literal. Art Therapy is a technique that uses artistic methods to enhance mental health. Not everyone can describe their deepest emotions in so many words,. In such cases and more, art serves as a saviour to process emotions and facilitate healing. 

We recently conducted an Art Therapy workshop for BYJUites, which used drawing or doodling as the primary form. The session focused specifically on Gush Art – a practice to transport your emotions onto a sheet of paper with no expectations of the outcome, completely uncensored. 

This technique usually requires no prompts, so as to allow the free flowing of one’s thoughts. However, if challenged with starting trouble, you can pick any cue from around you.

Let’s take an example here. I see a bag around me and I start to doodle the bag which is round in shape and has three zips. The bag then reminds me that I purchased it on my trip to Gokarna. So I start to doodle little bits of Gokarna from my memory, like the beach waves, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses. This trip then reminds me of my best friend who I took the trip with. I start to sketch spectacles as she always wears them. All of this makes me feel happier than when I started, so I start to doodle a few smiley faces on the sheet. I even take the liberty to splash on some yellow, as it is a happy colour to me. 

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This is one of the techniques to engage your senses, feel more awakened, and understand your emotions a little better through the process. 

If you’d like to try this too, here is a recording of the Art Therapy Workshop.

Watch the recording of the Art Therapy workshop

Drop in a comment to let us know what form of art helps you the best – music, dance, cooking, writing, doodling, or something else. 

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