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From Accountancy to Senior Design Manager: How Kaushal Mishra Paved His Path to BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|July 19, 2022, 14:28 IST|
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When Kaushal Mishra first started his career as a graphic designer, little did he know that a domain like UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) could be his calling. It was only after a life-changing internship at a gaming company that Kaushal got inducted into the world of UX design and became fascinated by it. 

And then, there was no turning back! 

Today, Kaushal is a Senior Design Manager at BYJU’S, leading a team of people who are the design force behind BYJU’S: The Learning App. “One of the key responsibilities of our team is to ensure that students receive the best possible learning experience and fall in love with learning,” shares Kaushal.

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From design internship to a career in UX/UI

Kaushal joined BYJU’S almost a year and a half ago after garnering expertise in a slew of Design jobs. His journey into Design, however, was fraught with its own set of difficulties. “My parents wanted me to become a Chartered Accountant and to fulfil their wish, I pursued Accountancy,” he says, “But I also wanted to fuel my passion for art and design.” 

Determined to give it a shot, Kaushal enrolled in a graphic design course after completing his graduation. And it was here that he got the opportunity to intern with a gaming company and explore various opportunities in UX/UI design. “I have always loved computers and arts in school, and UX/UI design combined both my passions,” says Kaushal. 

The drive to forge a career in this field led him to an entrepreneurial route. Kaushal’s venture, a design studio, was founded right after he finished college. “I ran the studio for three years, worked on a lot of different projects, and eventually exited it to work in the Product Design field,” he recalls. “I was excited about the opportunity to design software and applications for products that have a great user base and utility value.” 

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Designer on a mission

When it comes to conceptualising Product Design from scratch, and creating learning experiences for students that are immersive, adaptability is the name of the game. And this is a principle Kaushal holds in high regard when creating and working on learning products at BYJU’S — a strength that he has honed thanks to a very crucial experience in the e-commerce industry. 

“E-com is very fast-paced and you have to constantly think on your feet. Getting to work in this domain and take part in knowledge-sharing with some really talented people has, in a way, prepared me for what I am doing here at BYJU’S. This experience has undoubtedly helped me adapt to all kinds of challenges,” Kaushal says. 

The best thing about my team, Kaushal shares, is how we focus on our users and their needs. “Before any product is created at BYJU’S, there is always a need to understand WHY it is being built and that acts as a great motivation,” says Kaushal. The culture of collaboration and the ability to interact with people from across domains is what drives Kaushal to grow and thrive in his role.

 At the end of the day, it all comes down to putting yourself in the shoes of a learner and building experiences for them, says Kaushal. Personalisation is the key — and this BYJUite (along with his team) is ensuring that at every step of the product journey!

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