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How Anisha Varghese went from being a self-taught UI/UX designer to Lead Product Designer at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|December 07, 2022, 12:17 IST|
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A Philosophy graduate, Anisha Varghese, always knew that she had a knack for problem-solving. That, combined with her affinity towards visual creativity led her to UI/UX design. “It was almost by chance that I stumbled into this domain. Interestingly, I’m self-taught and eventually learnt so much on the job,” she says. Her interest in UI/UX design opened up paths to multiple sectors and start-ups, before she found her calling in edtech and BYJU’S. 

“Education has such a great impact and there’s an intrinsic sense of satisfaction knowing that the products that I’ve helped design and develop are making a difference to the lives of millions of children worldwide,” says the Lead Product Designer. Anisha and her team of product and UI/UX designers are among the powerhouse of talented folks behind some of our much-loved BYJU’S products. 

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Design thinking on the job 

With almost 10 years of experience, Anisha worked with multiple teams across various sectors — gathering the essential skills that set her apart today. “When I decided to move to edtech, it was due to this desire to create something that transcends barriers. Education is a great equaliser, and to contribute to it in a significant way makes me feel proud and humble at the same time,” she shares. 

“At BYJU’S, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best design thinkers out there,” Anisha says, adding, “From other product managers and designers to my manager and skip manager, everyone has had a huge impact on my learning curve. I have had the chance to observe them in action and pick up tips from the way they operate. I have not only worked with a large team but also manage one at such a scale now.”

She says that the best thing about working at BYJU’S is teamwork. “Multiple teams have to come together and contribute towards building some of the best learning products the world has seen. There’s a sense of responsibility, because your work has the potential to impact so many lives. That’s humbling and exciting at the same time,” says the BYJUite. 

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“Moreover, BYJU’S also gives one the chance to develop as a strategic thinker. Conceptualising product design or altering it to better suit the requirements requires a lot of critical planning, especially when it has the potential to impact millions of learners. This makes the job more challenging, impactful, and interesting,” says Anisha. 

The mantra is to keep learning 

A self-learner, Anisha has always been invested in learning new things and picking up new hobbies. “I think BYJU’S offers a great work-life balance, especially in the Product Design team. I’m glad that I have the time to explore hobbies and interests,” she says. “I’ve been dabbling in pottery for over a year now and that gives me an immense sense of calm,” she adds. 

It is this great balance that Anisha feels should encourage more to seek a career at BYJU’S. “Besides, there’s an opportunity to soak into the rich experience and knowledge of such a diverse group of people. There’s also the challenge of scale — what you can do with your skill set at BYJU’S and the impact that it can have is to be found nowhere else,” says Anisha.   

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