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From Classrooms to Screens, How this PhD Holder is Instilling a Love for Maths

Team StoryWeavers|May 18, 2022, 14:44 IST|
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It was a drive to make a mark in the field of education that prompted Ravi Pingali to begin his career in academics. He went on to pursue a PhD in Chemistry and even worked as an assistant professor with reputed universities. However, Ravi soon realised that he wanted to take on a more dynamic role. 

“It was then that I decided to foray into edtech and have since worked at a few US-based companies before joining BYJU’S in October 2020,” shares the BYJUite. 

Currently, the Assistant Vice President of Content Development, Ravi and his team are the force behind BYJU’S Math content. “It’s been over eight years for me in this domain, and it’s still as exciting as it was on Day 1. That’s the thing about edtech, it perfectly marries dynamism with my love for teaching and learning.”

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Learnings from an academic career

With a rich background in academics and pedagogy, Ravi has learned from some of the best in the industry. The BYJUite shares, “My career as a professor has given me a lot of confidence and understanding of what education and learning should look like and what are some of the best teaching methodologies to deploy academic content.” And while these previous stints taught him a lot, he feels that edtech, especially BYJU’S, has been a different ball game altogether. 

“Looking at content merely from a content standpoint is no longer enough. It has to be seen as a product as well,” says Ravi. “Aspects like what appeals to the students, whether the content is engaging enough, and motivating them to explore and ask questions have to be looked into. The end goal is always to evoke a sense of curiosity in our young learners,” he adds.  

This, he says, is something he gradually imbibed after his foray into edtech. “I learned how to package the lessons that I had been delivering in a traditional classroom for the digital setup. All this while ensuring that the content delivers what it was meant to: educate and inspire curiosity.” he shares.

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Creating the right impact

Ravi says he thrives in the robust and engaging environment that BYJU’S offers him. And this has definitely allowed him to positively disrupt the way learning content is consumed. 

“Not only have we managed to launch the math product across geographies, but also we have customised the content according to the local language and culture,” says Ravi, “For example, students in a particular geography learn the content in their local language and the math problems have been tweaked to suit the nuances of that particular culture.” This, says Ravi, is what helps students engage with our content seamlessly and learn better.

Working together is the key

With his passion firmly rooted in education, Ravi has also been a liaison between teams, initiating meaningful collaborations. “I work with a team of content developers, designers, and software developers,” he says. “We also collaborate with the training teams, who ensure that the teachers are trained and the curriculum is delivered effectively to the students,” Ravi adds.

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And what does he recommend for anyone who wishes to become a part of a team like his? “I have learned that three important qualities are required for anyone who wants to thrive in this environment,” shares Ravi, “They have to understand the volume, pace and the depth at which the company works and have to deliver accordingly.” 

Besides, adds Ravi, the most critical skill for any BYJUite is to have a passion and ambition to make a difference in the field of education.

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