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No Internet, No Problem! How BYJU’S and an Undeterring Spirit Helped Reshma Score 100% in Her Boards

Team StoryWeavers|November 02, 2021, 16:59 IST|

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Irregular power supply, with no internet connection at times, could not deter 16-year-old Reshma Ganesh Hegde’s spirit to perform extraordinarily in the Class 10 board examinations this year. Hailing from Sirsi, a small town in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Reshma scored an impressive 100 percent that fetched her the Karnataka State Topper title. Her teachers and parents were ecstatic when they saw her scores — no surprises there!

Nothing can stop her!

Reshma shares that residing in a rural area had its own set of network issues. Especially while preparing for her boards, when she faced quite a few. However, her father and BYJU’S made sure that Reshma’s academics wasn’t hampered despite these obstructions. “On BYJU’S, I could download videos and lectures and watch them offline. I didn’t really need a high-speed internet connection to study from the BYJU’S app at all times. I have taken the app subscription till Class 12 as these offline classes are extremely useful. In our area, the power supply is quite irregular; now we do have optical fibre but if power isn’t there, we aren’t able to attend online classes. My father made alternative arrangements for power and bought us a UPS so I could study seamlessly. When I realised that I have the opportunities and tools, I felt that I should make use of them to the utmost and perform to the best of my abilities,” she adds.

Reshma’s strategy was to solve numerous types of model question papers that helped her stay ahead of the curve. “While the CBSE and ICSE offline exams were cancelled, the Karnataka State Board conducted the board exams offline. However, they had changed the format this year, it was all objective-type questions. I used to attend my regular school classes online in the morning and then solve model test papers from 2 pm in the afternoon until evening. I also focused mainly on revision during the last two months before the board exams,” explains the 16-year-old.

Speaking on the importance of pre-board exams as a part of the final exam preparation strategy, Reshma adds, “Pre-boards should be treated like the final exam, and with the same seriousness. Sometimes the schools make the question papers much tougher than what actually is asked in the boards. When we prepare for these, the final exam should become easier. Sitting for the pre-boards thus boosts our confidence.”

‘My best friend, BYJU’S’

BYJU’S – The Learning App turned out to be Reshma’s trusted learning companion throughout her exam preparation journey. “I took the BYJU’S app subscription last year and began solving the practice tests mostly. It helped me keep track of my progress. I took the recorded classes and I love the quiz section, it is extremely interesting and one can learn while having fun. BYJU’S also had a lot of multiple-choice question papers that I could solve before my boards. Every month the mentor called me to discuss my progress. I also got a lot of my doubts cleared on with the help of Ask the Expert option. I feel BYJU’S helped me boost my academic performance,” she says. Science and Mathematics are Reshma’s favourite subjects and BYJU’S helped her to understand the concepts better.

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, exams had been postponed or cancelled. However, students like Reshma took offline exams. “Wearing a mask for three hours was an extremely difficult experience and quite uncomfortable. Protocols were being followed – in a single classroom, only 12 students were allowed to be seated,” she shares. 

Reshma wants to pursue a BSc in Forensic Science from Bengaluru after she completes her schooling. Apart from being a topper, Reshma also loves watching movies, painting and spending some quality time reading books.

Team Storyweavers wishes Reshma best of luck for her future endeavours.

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