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BYJU’S And NCERT Textbooks Helped This 16-Year-Old Score 99.6% In His Board Exams

When 16-year-old Athish Shubhan from Bengaluru isn’t engrossed in his BYJU’S classes, he can be found in the kitchen whipping...

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Here’s How BYJU’S And A Strict Timetable Helped Saumya Score 99.7% In Her 10th Boards

When stressed during studies, such as when she is unable to solve a Math problem, Saumya Goyal loves to play...

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Here’s How BYJU’S Helped Madhavendra Gautam Ace His Class 10 Board Exams With Flying Colours

Not everyone can achieve a whopping 100 percent in their English exam, unless you are Madhavendra Gautam from Ghaziabad, who...

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