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Right Foot Forward: Raymat Singh on Being an Extracurricular All-Rounder

Team StoryWeavers|August 20, 2021, 15:47 IST|

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ a well-known phrase, warns people that when you do too many things, you can’t become proficient in any of them. However, in the age of multitasking, where degrees and jobs have become diverse, this phrase is fast losing relevance.

Living proof of this is Raymat Singh, a class 10 BYJU’S student from Indore. Apart from achievements in no less than four different sports, Raymat is also working on building his skills in music and dance. Team Storyweavers sat down with Raymat to find out how he became a ‘master of many’ in extracurricular activities!

Starting steps

One of the first impressions you get from Raymat when you speak with him is that he is someone who means business. “I don’t have any hobbies. Rather I do things with complete conviction and passion,” says the confident 10th grader. And rightly so! On the sports side of things, Raymat has achievements in running, basketball, football and kho-kho. He started off with each of these sports at a young age, and, with determined practice, has risen to a competitive level.

Round up of Raymat's achievements

On the artistic side of things, Raymat discovered his passion for dance during a school performance and has recently been testing waters with his rap skills. “I rap in Punjabi, which is my mother tongue, and I’m exploring collaborations with some established rappers to put me on the map,” says the ambitious teenager.

But how does one student manage and stay motivated to pursue so many avenues? Here’s what he had to say.

Motivation mantra

Raymat has an insatiable drive for excellence. “If you want to move ahead the most then you have to do the most work,” he says, while summing up his mantra. “I also don’t get demotivated by things,” he adds “When I see someone doing better than me I think about the hard work they put in and tell myself that one day if I keep working hard, I can achieve excellence too! Unless I know that I have done the best that I could, I don’t stop pursuing the activity. I’m stubborn that way,” he says, laughing.

The routine of champs

It’s perhaps this stubbornness that helps him balance all his activities with his studies too. Not surprisingly, a regular day in Raymat’s life starts very early and features a routine that is packed with various activities.

Raymat's Daily Routine

What helps him stick to this schedule? Impeccable planning is the answer. “I make a schedule for the whole year ahead of time depending on what events I have coming up. This helps me prioritise which sports need practice at any given moment,” he says.

Speaking of his family’s support through it all, Raymat says “My parents let me do whatever I want as long as there aren’t any issues with my studies.” What helps him in that department? We feel you might have something in common with Raymat here.

Study partner

In his typical candid manner, Raymat admits that when it comes to studies, he’s not conventional. “Honestly, I am a back-bencher. But when it comes down to studying, I put my entire focus on it, just like I would with any of my other activities. That’s where BYJU’S helps me.” He adds, “If you look at my schedule on most days I only get time late at night to study, but with BYJU’S that limited time is enough because it explains concepts so well in a short period of time.”

With effective videos, Raymat thinks his entire syllabus is covered quickly with the tablet. This comes in handy for subjects where he needs a little extra help. “I was never really fond of Maths, but with BYJU’S I am able to understand it better and have seen an improvement in my grades too. I am sticking to BYJU’S for my class 10 board exam preparation,” he says.

Parting words

Raymat believes that pursuing all these extracurricular activities has helped him develop his personality.


“Whatever you do there is always something to learn from it. I feel like my behaviour has changed after sports. Even the way I speak has changed. I am a lot calmer now.”

As he works towards achieving more success, Raymat’s overall confidence has grown considerably over the years. “Earlier I had a lot of stage fear. But now if you give me a stage and even if one million people are there in the audience, I will be able to speak confidently without faltering.”

What’s the one thing he would like to tell other students about extracurricular activities? “Always try new things. You can’t become successful by staying inside your comfort zone.”

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