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Meet the 15-year-old poised to take the automobile design industry by storm

He started learning about cars when he was just six years old! At 14, he designed an advanced car model...

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Right Foot Forward: Raymat Singh on Being an Extracurricular All-Rounder

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ a well-known phrase, warns people that when you do too many things, you...

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Here’s Why Shanjan Thamma Is A Powerhouse Of Talent

When we called Shanjan Thamma’s mother on a sultry Monday afternoon, we were greeted by a rather cute but squeaky...

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Shuttling Her Way to Success: Meet Badminton Champ Anoushka

Sport is a marvellous example of how the human spirit combines strength, perseverance and determination to achieve spectacular feats, especially...

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Fastest finger first: Here’s how Shrikant learnt to type faster than the average human

How many words can you type on a keyboard in under a minute? You should be happy if you touch...

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Meet Samyak, BYJU’S Super Student Swimming Toward Olympic Dreams

“My perspective is the one thing that motivates me and that perspective is not competing against others. I have to...

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The sixth-grader from BYJU’S who built a COVID detector to help people!

“I want to do something better for society. For that, I am preparing to become a doctor -cum-entrepreneur and set...

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BYJU’S Helps This Under-14 Cricket Champ Breeze Through Studies

“No matter how good your game is, without discipline, you can’t go to the next level!” That’s Rhony Amol, ex-under-12...

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