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National Technology Day: BYJU’S EFA Spreads the Wings of Learning with Technology

Team StoryWeavers|June 02, 2022, 09:07 IST|

national technology day

In today’s world, education and technology go hand-in-hand, especially since the pandemic forced us all into a virtual space. In these trying times, some children could easily switch to online modes of learning. On the other hand, over 29 million children in India did not even have access to technology and digital devices at the onset of the pandemic.

At BYJU’S Social Initiatives, we have been on a mission to bridge this massive digital divide and ensure that children have access to learning. Through our Education for All (EFA) programme, we have so far reached over 3.5 million children with access to digital education. 

On National Technology Day, which is celebrated on May 11 every year, we share how BYJU’S EFA is making learning accessible to children across India, through technology.

“I feel that technology has brought in increased collaboration and communication. Across all stakeholders in the education industry, technology enables personalised learning opportunities in assisting students to learn at their own pace,” shares Devanshi Tripathi, General Manager – Sales, Social Initiatives.

Digital Learning in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis had a major impact on learning, especially in remote areas. However, many people slowly started adapting to the online model of learning. Educational Technology or Edtech soon began taking shape in the lives of these children.

“When the pandemic hit, it was beautiful to see how everybody adopted technology, even within education. And that sort of helped, learners, to continue their learning journeys, even while the schools were closed, and when there were no teachers nor mentors,” Devanshi shares.

While online education was gradually picking the pace, we wanted to ensure that the students from the most remote communities, too, were not short of quality education. BYJU’S Education for All has been making sure that children not only enjoy online learning but also have access to technology that can help track their learning progress.

Premium Learning Content for All

Through BYJU’S EFA, we have been distributing learning licences for the BYJU’S Think & Learn Premium Content to children coming from difficult backgrounds. The content offers various features that are available in 10+ languages.

“The BYJU’S App can be used across different kinds of digital devices – mobile, tablet and even an Android box. But the most important factor here is that the app can be used with even the most basic data pack, to make it accessible to children in the most remote areas,” says Devanshi.

The child beneficiaries of Ladli Foundation

She further adds that the Parent Connect feature of the app is very crucial for BYJU’S Social Initiatives, as it can help parents also become a part of their children’s learning journeys.

In addition, the students, too can keep track of their progress, their scores, and the time spent on the app, among others on the app, and gauge their learning. They can also access revisional content like quizzes, unlimited practice questions, etc.

“Considering the lack of internet access in certain areas, the children can also download the educational video content for offline viewing. This ensures that their learning is not hindered. Once they are back online, their progress will get synced,” Devanshi explains.

Spreading Learning Through Partnerships

BYJU’S EFA has over 112 partners through whom we are able to reach the children in need. Through each partnership, we hope to brighten the futures of children with the promise of a good education.

But first, it is imperative that we ensure that technology is accessible for these children, says Sundeep Talwar, Chief Marketing Officer, Akshaya Patra Foundation.

He shares, “Technology is an enabler and we have to make it viable for everybody. In the past, quality education was limited to the hands of a few, but now it is important to make it accessible to uplift the future leaders from all parts of India. I think that BYJU’S is doing a fantastic job in ensuring this, and I am very proud of this partnership.”

Hybrid learning can be the way forward for education (Credits: Bal Utsav)

Biswajit Ghosh, Chief Operating & Strategy Officer, Rotary India Literacy Mission shares, “Hybrid learning is now a given, and we have been able to reach the last miles with digital learning. And slowly, the digital divide is getting bridged.”

“As we have been progressing with online learning, we realise that it’s not just about teaching, but also about making use of technology to create multimedia content which is interactive for both, children and teachers.”

“I believe that technology will become the centre, and not just in learning, but also in teaching. So, a lot of teachers are going to start using tech-led teaching solutions, to enable better delivery of concepts at school level,” shares Devanshi.

Since its inception, BYJU’S EFA has been spreading digital education to thousands of children in need and we don’t plan to stop. We hope to reach many more children, giving them a fair chance with technology, and ultimately, bridging the long-existing digital divide.

BYJU’S Education for All is on a mission to empower 10 million children by 2025 with education. Through the BYJU’S Give programme, you can contribute to this movement and help children with quality digital learning. You can donate an old device, which we will refurbish, and then use the money raised to buy a new device. In case you do not have a device, you can also donate to an NGO partner, who will use the funds to buy devices for children.

In both cases, we will load our BYJU’S Think & Learn premium content onto these devices and distribute them to children in need.

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