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Teacher By Chance, How Avinash Dhanoa Discovered her Passion for Education

Team StoryWeavers|May 27, 2022, 15:42 IST| 1
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Finding one’s passion is a process of introspection and sometimes involves a lot of trial and error. For many, this discovery happens later in life and that too by chance or accident. The latter is the case with Avinash Dhanoa, Curriculum Director at BYJU’S. 

It was during a soul-searching trip to Kuwait that Avinash got the opportunity to teach and interact with students for the first time. Soon those few months of trying something new turned into a year, and she realised that education is truly where her passion is. 

Over 15 years later, Avinash is still learning and striving to make a mark in the lives of students. In this edition of A Day In The Life Of, the BYJUite takes us on a journey through her career, how she landed the role at BYJU’S, what inspires her, and why fitness is an important part of her work-life routine.  

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What led you to the field of education? 

I come from a family of educators but I never imagined myself as one. After graduating from college, I visited my maternal uncle who lives in Kuwait. There, I got the opportunity to visit a school and loved interacting with the students. After seeing me with the students, the school principal asked me to come work with them for the few months that I was there. Those few months became a year and I realised that education is where my passion lies as well. 

Tell us a bit about your background.

I graduated from Delhi University and spent around eight years in Kuwait, teaching. During this time in Kuwait, I also got the opportunity to work with the CBSE board, where I got trained by a panel of teachers on how to design the curriculum. I learned a lot about transdisciplinary approaches and how to marry different types of teaching-learning methodologies for the best outcome.

How did you find your way to BYJU’S? 

I always knew that a change in the field of education was imminent. Over a decade ago, we had already begun using terms like blended learning, and teachers were making videos on YouTube and designing lesson plans online. I wanted to be at the forefront of this tech-driven education and play a part in shaping the future of learning. 

After working with several edtech companies that mostly cater to upskilling and courses for working professionals, I realised that my passion lies in helping young learners and school-going students. That’s how I landed the role at BYJU’S over a year ago, and have been working as a Curriculum Director. 

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What does your typical workday look like?

I start my day by planning ahead — what meetings I have and the deliverables I have to take care of. In our team, we have really insightful and creative brainstorming sessions. I think everyone I have worked with, at BYJU’S, is extremely creative and it’s great to pick the minds of this young lot and understand what they’re thinking. 

Some days are just reserved for taking a look at the final product and acknowledging all the months of hard work and planning that have now come to fruition.  

What is your daily source of inspiration? 

I think I’m immensely inspired by the people around me — my team members and my seniors. Sometimes they would come up with an idea so brilliant that it would take me by surprise. It’s great how people can surprise you and I think that’s very motivating. 

Besides, my husband is also my source of inspiration. With a background in teaching, I’m still taking my initial steps into the corporate world. When I see him interacting and handling his team, I get inspired to do the same. 

What do you love about working at BYJU’S? 

The best part is that people are very open to suggestions and ideas and are non-judgmental. They understand the fact that different people come with different perspectives and that’s something to be heard. 

I also love how everyone at BYJU’S realises that for the content and lessons to be successful, collaboration and teamwork are required. The scope of work is such that it can’t be done alone. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that the student learns and is happy with what they learn. This is something that drives me and keeps me motivated. 

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One thing that helps you unwind and stay energised? 

Fitness is very important to me and I love to cycle around my neighbourhood in Mumbai. Staying active gives me great peace of mind and when I’m unable to cycle, I turn to swimming or boxing. 

I am also a big foodie and often end up visiting the new restaurants and cafes in town. 

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Bidushi took a left turn from journalism and landed up in the corporate world. She is a foodie and considers eating good food amongst the greatest joys of life. Keen on travelling and exploring new places, Bidushi has spent the last four years of her life in three different Indian cities. But she has also learned that her bedroom is her happy place. Screens relax her greatly — whether it's watching a movie or a TV show or reading a riveting bestseller on her e-reader. A cheerful person, she prides herself on making friends easily. When not working, Bidushi can be found spending time with her parents, talking to her friends over a call, or browsing the internet for that one lipstick!

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