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World Parents’ Day at BYJU’S: Of parents, children, and endless love

Team StoryWeavers|June 01, 2023, 19:20 IST|
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World Parents' Day

On World Parents’ Day, we want to take a minute and thank our stars for our guardian angels who are constantly watching over us. They make us the centre of their universe, shower us with love, and teach us right from wrong.

World Parents’ Day 2023 gave us the opportunity to speak to some BYJUites, who reiterated that parents are the best teachers. Their gentle parenting and positive discipline techniques have shaped the lives of their kids, moulding them into the best version of themselves.

Through cute tidbits and beautiful pictures, BYJUites gave us a peek into their sweet relationship with their parents. Want to take a look? Keep scrolling!

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Ankita Gupta


Academic Specialist – English
Ankita Gupta: World Parents' Day

This picture was taken a day before my wedding, when we were all extremely emotional. It’s impossible to forget our feelings at that moment.

What about your parents do you find completely endearing?

My mom pampers me a lot, especially when I’m unwell. She makes sure I eat something every few hours, even if I don’t feel like it. Dad cares for me in his own way; he calls me to make sure I’ve reached my destination safely. I’m married now, but this ritual remains.


Abhishek Raj


Maths faculty


Abhishek Raj: World Parents' Day

This picture was taken at Chandni Chowk. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the fun day I had with my folks.

If a Bollywood movie were to be made about your parents’ lives, who do you think should play their roles?

In many of his movies, Anupam Kher has essayed the role of a supportive and understanding father. I see these qualities in my dad too, so Anupam Kher would be a good choice. Similarly, the way Jaya Bachchan plays the role of an on-screen mother, displaying love, affection, and support, I am reminded of my mom. I think she would be perfect to play my mother’s role.


Hitesh Rohra


Assoc. Manager – Content and Curriculum


Hitesh Rohra: World Parents' Day

We took this picture right after dancing like crazy at my cousin’s baraat, and still looked so good 😉

One way in which you and your parents are complete opposites

My parents are pure desi while I am the angrez of the house.


Sheetal Hanumanth Hooli


Business Analyst – K12 CPS


Sheetal Hooli: World Parents' Day

This special moment was captured on my parents’ wedding anniversary. I love them with all my heart.

One way in which you and your parents are similar

We are all huge foodies. We love experimenting and trying out new cuisines, though South Indian always hits the mark!


Shivani Chawla


Academic Center Head, BTC Panipat


Shivani Chawla: World Parents' Day

This picture is extremely special, because it was taken when I visited my parents for the first time after I got married.

Something you hid from your parents for the longest time, but told them recently

Whenever I tried to hide something from my parents, I failed. Somehow, they always knew! They really know me inside out.


Padmaraj Murthy


Associate – Insights


Padmaraj Murthy: World Parents' Day

This one was clicked at Bangalore airport, and marks my parent’s first air travel experience. It was a memorable moment and lives rent-free in my mind.

One piece of advice from your parents that you have always followed

My parents advised me to live life on my own terms and not depend on anyone. I’m following this to date and will continue to do so.

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Single parents, foster parents, dog parents, plant parents, strict parents, liberal parents, and parents-to-be, we love and respect you all. Happy parenting and Happy World Parents’ Day!

Have any interesting parenting tips? Please comment and share.

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(This story has been put together by Storyweaver, Neha Dua)

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