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Superb 17! The Indian Paralympics Winners at Tokyo Olympics

17 Indian Superheroes with 19 medals at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, said loud and clear – I’M POSSIBLE! 2021 has been...

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Shuttling Her Way to Success: Meet Badminton Champ Anoushka

Sport is a marvellous example of how the human spirit combines strength, perseverance and determination to achieve spectacular feats, especially...

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Sunday Challenge #16 – The Olympics

Welcome back to BYJU’S Sunday Challenge! In this edition, we celebrate the Olympic Games with fun and fantastic facts from...

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BYJU’S Helps This Under-14 Cricket Champ Breeze Through Studies

“No matter how good your game is, without discipline, you can’t go to the next level!” That’s Rhony Amol, ex-under-12...

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The fascinating history behind the world’s most watched ball: The Football

Do you know what transformed football from just a sport into a global phenomenon? Yes, it had to do with...

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5 Indian Women who Took the World of Sports by Storm

Did you know that ancient India was home to several games and sports such as Polo, Martial Arts, Chess, and...

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The Game Changers

  You have seen how the collective spirit of a team changes the course of a game. But every now...

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Beyond Physical Fitness – What’s in a Team Sport?

  Imagine a day when you wake up to the news. “Football is no longer played with 11 members as...

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Why are Formula 1 drivers the fittest athletes in the world?

Driving a Formula 1 car is no joke. To survive speeds of over 320 km/h where split-second decisions can have...

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