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6 months of BYJU’S Education for All

At BYJU’S, we believe that technology can revolutionise learning. That’s why, we are taking the power of digital learning to...

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Blended learning: a step towards inclusive education

Schools in India were asked to shut down  on March 16, 2020 as the first wave of the pandemic broke...

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BYJU’S and Vision Rescue make a difference with digital learning

    Education is the biggest enabler in uplifting children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. But it takes a strong ecosystem...

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Emerging post-pandemic trends in education

When we first heard of the COVID-19 outbreak, we knew very little about how life would go on. How we...

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#BYJUitesWhoGive #BYJUSGive #LifeAtBYJUS | Chapter 2 with Manswi

Growing up I’d accompany my mother, a government school teacher, to her classrooms. I  absolutely loved spending time with students...

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#BYJUitesWhoGive #BYJUSGive #LifeAtBYJUS | Chapter 1 with Siddhant

As a Business Development Associate at BYJU’S, my job takes me to several homes with families that come from all...

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Enabling e-learning with Right to Live

Education and healthcare are true catalysts needed for change. Most developmental experts would agree that it takes a healthy and...

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Prioritising the wellbeing of children, with the power of education and Save the Children

Be it war, famine, civil unrest, social repression, natural disasters, or a pandemic — children are the ones to be...

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Taking Digital Learning to All Corners of India with VAHDAM®

At the cusp of the pandemic, all things were uncertain. Most people knew very little about what would happen to...

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